Nomad Treaty

How does the nomad 5min peace treaty work exactly?
There is a 5min timer and also every TC has a margin around it.

Do you like it?

No early villager fights, also no more persian (or any civ) douches here

No villager fighting possible before 5min everywhere, or only not possible within the marked TC area?

Is it possible to drop a TC so that there will be a TC war after 5min, or does the margin prevent that?

Is basically what treaty means, no agression for any chance on those 5 mins.

Until the margin go out, no you can’t place buildings near enemy’s TC, but yes somehow reveals TCs positions

That matches what i tried out so far.

I think it’s bad.

It just removes aspects of nomad.
It gives away the TC positions.
Also why? Persian TCs double hitpoints before feudal was the only broken thing.

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Tbh I thought I was going to hate this change, but it hasn’t really had any negative impacts. IMO it was unnecessary, but at least well implemented to prevent laming and douching during treaty.

How are people getting enemy TC locations from this? I can see when they are built but not where. Am I missing something?

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Yeah, I didn’t mind Dark Age shenanigans in Nomad, but this change is fine.

If you did not scout an enemy Town Center, but you came nearby, then you can see the area in which you cannot build, which indicates the Town Center position of the opponent. This is a downside of the implementation.

But without these lines more shennanigans could happen so i think we have to bargain one thing for another because if you see these you can still build your tc close and be aggressive or see it as a warning and build somewhere else

Also i think early vill fights were uncessecary and not in a condct of sportsmanship when it came to the nomad start