Nomad - Water Distribution on the Map

Nomad water is usually about 80% around the outside of the map.

Why is it not 100% water? Would make it more fair. When vils spawn near the non-water side it’s kinda unfiar.

Maybe there’s a good reason for the water not being a full ring.

In that case, this is huge problem:

Green here would logically think, this is the outside water, and dock there. But it’s not! It’s a distraction pond.

Really bad to have maps spawn in that fashion imo.

Either make a fully connected water ring around. Or, if it’s not an open ring, please eliminate those water pockets.


Would definitely like to see the water become a consistent ring. seen a lot of memes about this as well as experienced it a number of timea so it’s obviously happening often enough and can hurt a lot more than certain random distribution in arabia.

That whole map is pretty flip of the coin though, so it’s not surprising people hardly vote for it in the monthly votes and then ban it so often. Even thought i still like it a lot.

Nomad can lead to insane games.

But the luck with water and boar distribution sucks.

Maybe put a few random boars but have two boars spawn next to TC when built (like inca lama).

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Yeah or even 1 will help. Anything to maybe try and level the field a bit

To be honest: the dock of your example is not bad. He do not have to fight for it and can easily boom a bit there with fishtraps. There should also be some deep fish in it, helping in dark age/early feudal.