Nomadic buildings set

As title.

In my opinion, Mongols and Huns should have their nomadic-style buildings.
Especially the Huns absolutely not fits the central European style and its Christian church.

Maybe we can allow that each civ has multiple buildings sets and design a new function to choose the buildings sets at the settings. Since we can read the civ which players’ using before the game starts, I think multiple sets may not influence the game play.


Well if you want to get technical, they shouldn’t have university.

Correct. It’s fine by me

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I really like the idea, but I doubt a building redesign will come to AoE2 de (other than a mod). I just hope they do it like you say in AoE IV.

I dont see a reason to change either,Mongols with the asian set can represent the yuan dynasty era both huns and goths have the same buildings so it not a big deal.Both of them dont really fit in to the current build set anyway.

Main change I want is to give the persians the new tatar/cuman buildings.

I talk about the looks, the content is not my point.

I hope the official update rather than the mod.

How about the Mongol Empire before Yuan?
How about the other four khanates?

Goths is more suitable for the west European set because of Visigothic Kingdom.
Persians really need to change to the central Asia set or make the central Asia set be its second set.

Having church is sorta content too tho.

Same, but this is low priority tbf, because there are a bit more huge issues with the game


To me tatars and cumans feel more like the other dosent really matter what buildings they have for competitive play right.

It is worth a nomadic monastery instead of a church.

Fixing the bug and the balance problems may not have collisions with the looks changing.

I stated that it not influences the game play, but a correct look may make the game better.

Point is, this will not change for a while even if they acknowledge it.

It feels bad that 5 Civilizations are sharing East Asian Set. It will be great to get a solution for them.

Tibetans. That’s what we need with their new buildset for them and Mongols.


Tibetans could perfectly have the indian set aswell.


Yes you are right:


Those were recolourised and photoshopped, nice but the Tibetans and Mongols would need a new set. Actually, even the Chinese could do with a new set, which they could share with Vietnamese. Wooden and thatch buildings in Imperial Age. Ridiculous.

Not really. Tibetan architecture looks extremely different from the Indian set. If anything, the Southeast Asian architecture is more accurate because it isn’t as Persianized.

Tibeto-Burman Culture is often categorized together.

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They are a language family, not a civilisational family.

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The Southeast Asian set is based on Khmer (Castle/Imperial) and Malay(Feudal).

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What is a civilization family?

A group of distinct cultures that have a common ancestor culture.

French, Italians, Portuguese and Spanish cultures are all mostly descendant from Roman culture, for example.