Non-buildable area around buildings

Hello, What if stardard buildings would have a 1 tile area arround them that let units walk on, but you can`t build there?
This mean always will be a 1 tile gap between two buildings.
This wouldn’t affect Castles, stone defences, palisades, outposts and towers, but you can’t build a palisade between 2 houses, for example.

Thougts? How this would change the gameplay?

i think this would be a huge change, and don’t really see the purpose of it except to make walling even harder. it would also inadvertently make bases bigger. thanks but no, leave it as is.

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only for AIs mate. so they dont block themselves in narrow pathways

Walls could be buffed to make walling harder but more worth it. What do you think? Besides letting it as is, which is the obvious thought…

Is this something inherently bad?

depends on the map, or area you have to work with.
also think about all the campaigns that would have to be reworked because all the buildings next to eachother.

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You have a point, but I only think in multiplayer experience. Maybe is a switchable feature that you can disable for campaings, idk, don’t want to focus the discussion in this address.

Take map control would be even more important

It would change completely how you play the game for no good reason, and would make some stuff like placing farms very annoying. It would also reduce the posibility of those epic comebacks or wall offs the high level players love to do

Not to mention it would be unrealistic


not needed, walls are in a good spot for the most part now. Learn to use siege or mix in ranged units to prevent quickwalling.

Farms could be added to exception list (castle, defenses, etc). Anyway units already can walk on them.

Why? just change the way you planning your walls in early game…

Dude, walling with houses is unrealistic… plus, medieval cities were plenty of alleys between buildings…

Thats not true. Medieval cities in the west were as efficient in using space as possible because they needed to fit inside the city walls

You would have to add an unique exception for farms since they need to be built next to normal buildings

Its a massive nerf to walling (and nor by making walls more easy to get through, just way more annoying to place) and you know when sometimes pros wall off in the middle of the game to play greedy? That wont happen. You know walling off the enemy army? That wont happen. You know quick walls? Not anymore after this change

This is just a boring change imo

This is not a city builder game.

Surely some cities could be planned like this, others no. Is no the discussion because being realistic is not the main goal here… by the way, do you want to be realistic? You are walling with a houses with windows… But again, realism is not a good argument against the idea.

Yes, that’s what I tried to say. Anyway farms are already the exception in vaious aspects.

You are overreacting I think… These things will still be there and for the show, I prefer more feudal action because of less turtle bases than an exceptional quick walling movement

Yes, this is why I propose this, which potentially make the game more aggressive, far from a city builder game you think I want…