Noob Friendly Civ (ideas wanted for Civ Builder)

I’ve had this idea for a while to create a very noob friendly civ. Not overpowered civ, but just one that takes some of the stress away from the game when you first play. Below is a screenshot of the bonus’s I chose, but I’d be interested to hear what you think would be best for a new player. I am aware that it’s very unlikely a new player would be aware or able to upload and play this noob civ but I wanted to do it anyway.

in Short, no houses, no buildings needed for next age, upgrade counter units for free ( to encourage understanding of counters), Wheelbarrow + handcart free, a little extra food to start with. They have limited tech tree but full upgrades for Arbs, Paladins + Champs. Again to just get the hang of a few units. I’ve left off all water.

Here’s the link to view the civ in the website:
Civilization Builder}xzj^`bzZ~~}g_FqPr~rpD~nx}f_A@!131:81:147:116:72:117:100;12;37;20;25

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I Honestly think this civ would be overpowered. you give them a great start with 150 extra food into free wb and handcart. free trash upgrades means easy counter units, with skirms and pikes having extra PA and you round it out with basically trash cost paladins.

the not getting housed and no building requirements are just icing.


Fair, I guess making it easy to play will most likely make it OP in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing. Happy to remove the extra food at the start.

Which Unique Techs would you give?

no houses, +150 food, start with extra llama, herdables condain 50 % more food, shepherds work faster.

I also thought about including the gurjara bonus but without hunt it’s probably not so strong.

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What’s the point of that? I mean that civ you can’t play in multiplayer obviously as they basically combine the eco bonuses of 4 civs and for learning purposes it’s not great to have stuff like no houses requirement.

Imo franks is perfectly fine as a noob friendly civ.


maybe he wants to play some matchs with his noob friends and looks for an easy civ so they can contribute something


Fun, I already mentioned I don’t expect it to be a practical thing.

For the UTs I would probably go more in directions that boost defenses. I doubt that the noobs can outboom hardest AI even with the best bonusses you can think of. So just being a pain for the enemies is probably the best you can expect from noobs.

Crenellations or Eupseong or something like this.

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No buildings requirement sounds pretty bad to help new players, because it means they could forget to make a mill or a blacksmith and there will be nothing to remind them something is missing and they will spend the rest of the game with no upgrades.



I know SoTL talks about huns being good but then it being a crutch because you don’t learn to build houses. Maybe this kind of civ should be labled as Lazy Player Civ instead?

What would you focus on to help a noob player?

britons range, cumans speed for making microing the power units feel more revarding
gurjaras and bohemians bonus damage for making it easier to switch into the counters
eco bonus? maybe vikings it’s strong and doesn’t has much impact in gameplay.

I’d change Castle UT for Stronghold. Usually, noobs like to play turtle.
I’d remove Thumb-ring, Bloodlines and Supplies.
I’d remove last armor upgrades for Cavalry and archers.

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