Noob question - building multiple houses?

I know in 3 you can hold down shift and place multiple houses to be built.

Anything like that in 2? The micro-ing of building multiple houses gets old, would be nice if there was some way to say ‘build these four houses’.

I tried doing the shift thing to say when you’re done with that house do this, but every time I do that the villagers give up on building the house they were working on.

There very much is something like that in AoE2. It’s possible the settings you have aren’t working in the way you are used to. Go to options > game> and on the top right, you can set waypoint behavior . Choose the one that works best for you.

I have ‘new waypoint behavior selected’ but if I tried to shift click to say ‘build a house when you’re done with that one’ they just quit building the house they’re on.

Ok, I’m assuming you use hotkeys. If you want to create 4 houses say, would you select the vils, press your house hotkeys, hold shift, and then click 4 times while holding shift?

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