Noob Spanish questions

So, i was playing a little AOE2 since a lot of time, after a few matches (pve) with spanish, i was wondering.

How is Spanish civ in pvp? 1v1 and team.
I guess that in 2v2 its “better” because of the civ bonus, but as i understand in 1v1 Spanish have 1 less bonus compared to other civs am i right?

Im not a pro player so dont take me too serious i can be totally mistaken, but my early impression is that that 1 less civ bonus and the lack of some what eco bonus in early game its tough.

What do you think if for example:

  • Inquisition is the civ bonus and the new Unique technology its the 25% gold+something that spanish could use in 1v1. Mostly the same but this way you can give some extra for that 1v1.
  • Some eco bonus, no idea wich one could be ok but no to strong.
  • And something i miss a lot, after researching Supremacy, villagers have an Aggresive/Passive toggle button so they can fight back instead of run away after being attached.

:slight_smile: Again not pro player just asking to get more info and some topic to talk. :slight_smile:


Spanish are pretty popular in PvP because of the trade bonus and qutie average in 1v1. they are strong on maps like Nomad where you can go for FC into Conquistadors

arguably the cheaper blacksmith techs are also an eco bonus

yeah, this has been requested before, but might make the tech too strong

Its too strong save some time in Attack Move clicks? Why?(Serious question)

IIRC they are the only civ with all 3 trash units (halbs hussars and skirms) fully upgraded, so a war of attrition can turn in your advantage

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in PVP Conquistadors dominate whenever the Spanish are around.

Yeah Conq are nice, i just feel like i would like to have a civ bonus that works 1v1, feels bad.

So 1v1 are “ok” and team v team spanish are good?

it’s not that simple. Spanish are Top 3 on maps like Nomad or Regicide Fortress, but kinda meh on something like Arabia

Yeah i mean “overall” i guess in specific scenarios its better and worst. I get nomad because of building speed, but why its soo good in regicide?

you start with extra vils, a wall and a castle, so conqs is easy

Conqs are “that strong”?
I see spanish doesnt have corssbows or eco bonus for early game (no gold forge counts?) and no 1v1 bonus civ, but they have super trash units, donkey monks and conqs. I dont know every other Unique unit so i dont know enought to compare.