When my father gave me his old laptop, the first thing I did was, launch Age of Empire. Age of Empire is the first game I played. After that i played Age of Empires II : The conquerors and Age of Mythology. I spent so much time on those games in my childhood, the first thing i did when i had no school day when i woke up was to turn on the laptop and play an Age of Empires game.

Was Age of Empire also your first game you played? if not, which game was it.

Yep, Age of Empires II was my first game. My grandpa gave me a copy of it.

Except for the other old games (like Tetris and Super Mario), Age of Empires II was my first PC game. My father played it but was too lazy to complete campaign, so he told me if I wanted to play it, I accepted and here I am :smiley: Played all AOE games even the mods that came out later.

My first game is aoe too, i habe it from my Mothe. Now (20 Years later) i have played it more than 10’000 hour’s. And i love’d all seconds :slight_smile:
Thanks you for this great game.

AoE wasn’t my first game (That was Captain Claw…anyone remember that? Side-scrolling action game…?), but it was the first game I ever SERIOUSLY played. I actually started with AoE2, then played 3 for many many years, and then found 1 and fell in love with it. AoE2HD was great news, and AoEDE is even better :slight_smile:

AoE 1 was my first PC game, it was just great ! love this game, and looking forward to play ! :smiley:

It was my first game too. I teached my little brother to play it 13 years ago, and now i’ll teach my daughter too. I’m pregnant, so I think i have another little boy to teach in the future. XD

My husband and I are waiting this <3

Same story here ! I can recall the old installation process with the CD on my dad’s laptop with the villies bulding something as the installation progress ! Guess it was for the 2nd Age of Empires but I remember the introduction’s cinematic scene of the first one aswell !
My cousin gave us Age of Empires 2 Conquerors Edition, really soon after. I was like 2 or 3. Played it really much and now I have 500 hours on Steam.
Nostalagia !

Aoe 1 is my first pc game too. It was my history teacher who gave me a copy

Age of Empires was my first true love of games. I’m excited to play this!