Not again! After update old saved skirmish games can't be loaded?

Why are all my old saved games not loadable anymore, the moment a new update of AoE 4 is rolled out? This is beyond annoying! Can I roll back and stop auto-update?

I think the reason for this is it only stores the user actions in the replay file, so as soon as anything changes, the replay wouldn’t play out in the same way. Wintergaming said that Starcraft solves this problem by downloading the game engine to match a replay version - not the entire game, just enough, say 100MB, to make it play out correctly for that replay version. I have to say this sounds like a considerable amount of development effort to put in place, so I’m not surprised it hasn’t been done in any AoE game yet.

You can always record video footage of your games, and upload them to youtube as private videos if you don’t want to consume your own storage space, and then they’ll remain available to you.

I just want to continue a game, in which I already invested 3 hrs. I know of no game whatsoever, that repeatedly stops loading old save games. Is there a way to roll-back or at least stop auto-update? Thanks!