"Not enough memory" Error, closes my game mid game

(this has happened twice now)

I’ve been playing the story, first this happened during the Joan of Arc part, then the Gengis Khan part.

It suddenly shows a dialog box saying “the game ran out of memory and must close. increase available memory by closing other applications, installing more ram, or growing the paging file”.

I’d actually recently upgraded to 16 gb RAM because the game would only run on low, and other reasons (spoiler, it still will only run on low).

I know the minimum is 8gb, but I have twice that, so why would my game crash with 16?

I also had literally no other thing open at all, for this reason.

If you say win10 system, please turn off the quick start in the settings because there is a BUG

In the settings for what specifically? Computer, Steam, or game? Cause I’m not seeing a ‘quick start’ anywhere.