# Not enough RAM when launching the game

Not enough RAM when launching the game

It pops up an error saying I can’t launch the game because I don’t have enough RAM when I have 8GB. This has never happened to me . Plz help

edit: i purchased it via steam

Try closing all other apps like the browser, RGB controllers, other game launchers and discord and then launching AoE4.

@Falco1070 everything was closed, only the game and razor were opened to get some additional free RAM, bu the message Is still there.
It Is really strange since the device Is pretty new

Any other advise ?

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Please forward your request to Support:
Also attach dxdiag in your request, please.

ignore this awful message
this happened in betas too

play it and selected in the windows to not get notified with this message, it does not mess with your gaming doing so

Hello, did you find a solution to this error? I am receiving the same message when I launch the game. “You only have 2.7/8 gigabytes available” There is nothing else running that except for system processes etc.

Programs and services running on Windows 10 use part of the RAM as cache. This means that they write a series of frequently used information in this memory area. The cache, after the execution of programs or services, should be released and made available, but this does not always happen.

Use a 3rd party tool to purge the standby memory if you reach a certain threshold of available memory (1GB is the default). I think it should help you with this problem, I have 16GB RAM but it has helped me increase performance in some RAM-hungry games. The great thing is it’s automatic, and you just need to start it before gaming so it runs in the background.

I use the light and free Intelligent standby list cleaner

‘Start’ will automatically purge the standby list given the parameters on the left and ‘Purge standby list’ will do it manually. I suggest doing it manually first before launching the game and then clicking ‘Start’. Let me know if that helps.


Hi! I just want to give a little feedback to your post. I experinced a ram issue when playing norman campaigns in the game. The message was about having run out of ram, program must be closed. I had 8gb installed in my pc, windows recoginsed it and so other applications as well. So I tried this list cleaner, but the problem was not seem to be broken off. I just optimized my graphics settings, that meant a really little diiference to the previous setting. The problem has been solved in that way.
Your suggested app looks to be a usefull program, I use it to free memory in certain cases. Thanks,

This just appeared to me and I have 256GB installed and ~60GB of free memory at the moment.