Not enough time to complete challanges

I only recently got the game, but as a result, I’ll be unable to finsih all the challanges because of the time limit between them. Is there anything that can be done?

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Not really. (I mean, it’s up to the developers… but so far, if you’re unable to get the items during the challenge, you’re out of luck… with one exception that I’m aware of: the “Photon Man” cheat code. They made it possible to get that a second time because of an issue with Microsoft Store players not having the ability the first time.)

There are new challenges as of a few days ago; hope you get time to complete them all. But you better start soon because it’s for a limited time and I think you need a minimum of five days to complete them, if I remember what I recently read correctly (they don’t open up all at once).

There may come a day or year when the devs release all the challenge stuff, but they haven’t said or alluded to anything like that yet.