Not Getting English Mastery Achievements

I was trying to start through the English Mastery achievement tree and I completed a battle against an easy AI and created well over the needed number of longbowman from the correct building but I got neither achievements. Anyone else experience or know how to fix that?

Could be a bug or perhaps the masteries follow strict rules. As in, first you need to complete the mastery for 30 longbowmen and these need to be produced in the feudal age (age 2) and only after that win vs easy AI.

Ok, was just in game as english vs easy ai. Made +30 longbowmen in age 2 and won the game and only got the first mastery (which is make 30 longbowmen in age2). So I guess you have to finish them one by one in sequence :slight_smile:

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try it again with a friend or someone but online, I noticed not receiving a mastery achievement until after I did it in multiplayer.

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So I got stuck with English mastery, then I solved that one and moved onto level 9, I think it is, which is to defeat the Hard AI…I have by now defeated the Hard AI twice in a one-on-one skirmish, first the Chinese, then Indian, both times with a rapid Wonder Victory, but the mastery is not showing as complete. Is a Wonder Victory not god enough, I don’t get what is going wrong?

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You have to do simple Longbowmen (not advanced) from the Archery Range rather than the Landmarks