Not getting the "Celebrating the ages" event complete

The “celebrating the ages” camel mission is not properly working for me. I’ve trained 10 camel riders, 10 heavy camel riders and 10 imperial camels, but I haven’t cleared it so far. Is there anybody with the same problem?

Hi @Blackbird975227,

Is the mission locked ? Between each mission, I had to wait some hours before being able to complete next “celebrating the ages” mission.

If not : I had some troubles too and made multiple attempts without success. There is maybe an issue with the trigger at the game end if you end the game with heavy camels (despite having produced 10+ camels before the upgrade).

My config I used to get the success :

  • Standard skimirsh (as Saracens) vs AI
  • Fast Castle (do not pass to Imperial age !)
  • Produce 30+ Camels Riders
  • Destroy AI

You will receive the achievement only after game ends on the statistics screen.

Hope it will help you. Good luck

Thanks! It worked like a charm for me. Seems there must be a bug or something…