Not ranked, although i have 18 ranked matches 1vs1

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.34699.0 4580616
  • Platform Steam


Not sure if this is a bug or if its a feature. If its a feature/ meant to be like this it should be noticed somewhere that this happens after some time.

I didnt play 1vs1 rank since the first map pool change. So around 40days or so. I am not sure if this is some kind of inactive removement or so or some bug, thats why i thought i ask here if someone can tell me (maybe others have same issue or devs can say its supposed to be like this).

I still play AoE2 DE pretty much every day, but ranked 1vs1 i didnt play all this time since the 1st big december patch. Still it shows for me a rating and that i have 18 total games, but it tells me i need first to play 10 rank games before i get a rank (atm my rank is — ).
Few days ago i was still ranked, maybe it changed with the patch yesterday maybe it changed before not sure.

Reproduction Steps:

Dunno if this happens to many ppl and if it is cause i didnt play for long time or just cause my account/ game is buggy maybe. but anyway:

  1. Open Multiplayer Profile ingame and check your rank.

I had similar issues but I just kept playing and it resolved itself. I also started playing TGs thinking it had to be 10 games of each category…