Not receiving Spanish Female Explorer Customizations after completing event

Didn’t receive the Ada Lovelace explorer from the last event either. Did you have to have been signed into Xbox live during the event to receive the rewards? Just have an Explorer Button in the Spanish and British Home Cities that doesn’t do anything when I click it. For my Mexican Civ which I didn’t complete the events for, the button at least opens a window where I can see which explorer customizations are locked. It makes me think that the female explorers haven’t been finished yet

Hey, do you still have Elizabet and Ada? Ada was taken away from me, even though I’ve had her since I unlocked her. Laochen and the Flamenco dancer were also taken away from me. Idk what to do. That’s some serious nonsense.

I’ve never even had them, though I completed the challenges for the Flamenco Dancer and Ada Lovelace. I doubt they’ll fix it

That’s ridiculous. That’s content in the game, a game we paid for, being locked away due to an issue on their side. They should rerelease the challenges later. Like, just the ones that unlock costumes.

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to report this to us. Is this issue still present for you @SickJuicy58, or for you @ARSalerno3 ?

Yes. Still don’t have the sub-menu for alternate explorer skins for British or Spanish for me - just completed a new event for the new challenge, not getting the female explorer option or menu for the Maltese either

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I thought I am the only one with this.

Can you please take a look here as well? Maybe I found more problems than here on this thread. I also added videos. Customizing Valletta with Ottoman Ally makes the game crash:

Is this issue being worked on? It seems like all of these customizations exist and that some players have some while missing others. It seems like all that needs to happen is to update the game files associated with the Steam and/or XBOX IDs of the players who report the issue.

I’m glad at least someone on the team has taken note of this, but this is getting ridiculous. I haven’t gotten a single one of the explorer customizations I’ve unlocked for the Knights of the Mediterranean challenge; and while I’m complaining, the DLC has a lot of missing content (most of my new units are silent, there are no building customizations for my home city, things don’t look like the trailers, etc). I like that there’s still updates, both free and paid for the game, but I think it’s fair to complain when promised things are not getting delivered.

I mean, why bait me with customization options, make me work for them, and blow off and leave me in the lurch like this? You guys are really testing my patience

Hi @SickJuicy58, apologies you are having so much difficulty with this! Could you please provide your user ID (It’s the name folder with the long number in C:\Users\<user>\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE)?

Then, you can make a copy of that folder - delete the original and then copy-back only the data you wish to restore such as “homecity”.xml & “savegame”.age3Ysav files, located in C:\Users\<user>\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\<userID>\Savegame . Be careful if you complete this last step as to not lose your data!

One more thing, be sure that you do not have any mods enabled or installed when trying this!


That fixed everything, thanks!