Not sure if bug or not. Bandido outlaw

Not sure if this is a bug or not but the Bandidos, Mexicos outlaw skirm units will always try and get into its ability use range(14? siege damg i think) than to shoot its auto attack (18 range attack) making it act like a musket unit until is uses its ability and is on cooldown. Yet the Owlhoot, the US skirm outlaw only uses its ability if the target is with in range of the ability (close range aoe shotgun to the face, fun!) will never try and get close to its target to use ability on its own like the Bandido. Bandido can be kited by other skirm units even though its a skirm to with same range mostly. I think its because the unit is useing siege damg ability and it has a higher priority in its combat scripts on how the game is programed. Mind you the Bandido is powerful still in the late game if you upgrade it, even with its weird quirk but makes it almost useless to kite heavy range inf or kite in general in the early game like u would with other skirm units. Is this how this units supposed to work/balance it self?
Was thinking maybe a toggle off/on switch for charge attacks.