Not Sure If It's A Bug But African Civs Got A Ridiculous Nerf

50% cattle sell rate down from 70%! and it isn’t even in the patch notes. You can’t even remotely get a TP or even sell to get a house and village dogs. this basically forces you to do a 10/10. On top of that the explorer is a whole 1 speed slower and Lifidis got +20 food cost, slower train speed, all their upgrade cards moved up an age, -10% ranged resist, AND rumfas riders gives you one less for now 220 less resource value. And their explorers do slightly less damage against guardians. Please please reverse some of these. It makes African Civs literally unplayable.


Yeah the changes were ridiculous and unnecessary to begin with, hopefully they don’t make it to the final update. The market rates need to remain as they were and I hope the change to them is just a bug.


I just want a nerf for monasteries in treaty. Why ethiopians can build them out of the base limits??

  • They can get coins from mines with villagers as other civs do unlike Am. Natives.

  • For influence they dont need mines to be placed, so they can stay in base.

  • If is that important to the ethiopian eco, then become the mine mandatory before the treaty end.

Also the HP buff is ridicoulously high while they can rebuild too fast with travois

i guess this nerf is intended but not mentioned.

To compensate, villagers now harvest normally with no granary nearby, with the granary nearby, they harvest at 0.92. I understand that it was not like that before. If I’m wrong, please correct me

No that is already the case they have the same base gather rate for hunts as normal vils, the granary is supposed to be providing an additional boost

I think it’s always been like that. The explorer nerfs are fine but the wood trade rate definitely needs to be kept as is. If the market is an issue, options like making Big Benny only 75% fat when shipped would be a better nerf than annihilating the African start.

Ok, thanks for the correction <3

Isn’t it like 10%? I think they get access from the habesha age up tech. I don’t think that’s too crazy considering mexico/usa with their flags.

I don’t think you can gather influence from them if they’re not on a mine either, they have a tiny trickle after a habesha tech for like 2k influence but it’s almost worthless.

They really need the wood rate as it was because they only start with a cow, no wood or coin.

might want to post this on the steam PUP forum to make sure that the devs see it

It at least has to be enough to get a house and village dogs otherwise they will be borderline unplayable

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Nobody said that USA/Mx are balanced neither xD, spamming outpost is laming. 3500 HP military buildings are OP as hell, cause that natives have limited ones

They used to be op for sure but they got nerfed significantly with the build time of the wagons and extensive fortifications being removed. All that wood is costly too and often wasted if they get destroyed while being built.

Yeah it was bad enough with 3v being removed from hausa.