Not sure what to say about this patch, lots of issues

p̶a̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶i̶m̶p̶r̶o̶v̶e̶d̶ (see bug section, other new bugs with attack move), but whats with the new collision? sending like 20-30 vills towards 1 destination and they bump into each other nonstop and just stops moving along the entire way.

ontop of that game desync and crash like 90% of the time against AI, just what the hell man. why is every patch going worse and looks like devs only really prioritize ranked and 1vs1 because of streamers.

sad state this game has turned into

edit: extra villagers around gold stop mining when only a tad too many, previously were totally fine. just what the hell

edit 2: taking back the above, pathing didnt really improve, kinda went side ways. some better some regressed. units randomly stop moving, going the long way, attack move dont work properly at times, miners get stuck and goes completely IDLE which was WAY worse than the lumberjacks prior patch.


New patch is a crash-fest.


I can’t even stay in the main menu for more than 1-2 minutes before a crash happens. I got roughly 9 crashes in the span of 15 minutes of main menu gameplay lmao

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lol what the hell? sometimes after several patches or crashes game files gets corrupted. verifying steam files dont do a thing. at that point u gotta delete metadata folder, player profile and reinstall game.

its ridiculous that just ONE player, with issue with their game files and/or internet connection CAN cause entire game to DESYNC or CRASH. and of course game itself has its issue too.

Hey are you using any main menu mods? They changed some UI classes, and the crash could happen if the mod author hasn’t updated.

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so assuming they “fixed” woodcutters not getting stuck/stop cutting, they made miners WAY worse now gold/stone miners stop and idle instead. ontop of that villagers or units sometimes just stop because of pathing.

horrible patch.

This is 100% true. TG are most popular but streamers play 1v1 so the ranked TG matchmaking kinda sucks still.

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I don’t use any mods :slight_smile:


A hotfix is needed ASAP. Can’t imagine NAC5 played on this patch.

They just made an announcement on discord about the crashes

XD …

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The new attack move is near unusable, the units scatter around and run in a circle, or regroup during combat for no reason, like, last second they’re still hitting the enemy and the next second they think they need to run in formation

I wish nothing but all the best for the development team and hope for a hotfix ASAP


Every game crashes half way through. Completely unplayable. Pathing still an absolute joke. I feel like the devs aren’t even beta testing bug fixes at this point. These so called improvements are laughable. Ready to uninstall this game honestly. What’s the point of playing when every patch gets worse and worse?

They need to revert all pathing back to 2019 DE release and don’t update pathing again until it’s fully tested and approved by beta testers on a separate server.


Stop being so pessimistic, they are trying to help you!!!
Delivering new issues every update gives you reasons to have more time to play other games :smiley:


I was actually really optimistic when the game was released. I remained optimistic after the first patch because obviously with a new game there would be bugs. I told others to be patient after the 2nd and 3rd updates had more issues. For years I just assumed they were just ironing out issues. But after 4 years I gradually realised the game has been getting progressively worse and I’ve had enough. That’s not being dramatic, 4 years is 4 years. Imagine how furious FPS gamers would be if pathing was this broken in their game after 4 years. Luckily the aoe2 community is generally pretty chill so the backlash hasn’t been anywhere near as toxic. I’m a super fan, I’ve bought every aoe2 DLC available and played thousands and thousands of hours, consumed thousands of hours of content and I’ve been playing since 1999 (I just turned 39). This isn’t just a blip in an otherwise smooth gaming experience. This is years upon years of bugs on top of errors on top of crashes on top of completely broken pathing, the most fundamental basic part of the game. How can pathing stay the same of get worse with every patch? How can Aoe2 HD pathing from 2013 be better than DE a decade earlier?


At this point, the FE devs need to get some of the original devs on board, like Matt Pritchard or Sandy Petersen. There’s something fundamentally wrong with the coding of DE that I feel only they can fix.


My game crashed again too, and I’m unfortunately not impressed by (naval) pathing I tried tonight

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nice pathing bro, still exist in PUP as well.


can we have a rollback in the steam beta section? currently the game is unplayable

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