Not understanding game mode?

I just want to play a regular game. Game Mode is set to Random Map, but I still get game modes where I’m playing with a elevated TC with towers all around, the game mode with tons of relics in the center and etc. What I’m I screwing up?

Can you provide footage of this happening? Like printscreens or a video/gif of setting up a lobby to random map and getting other game modes.

Did you try the reset button below in the right corner of the game settings panel?

Those are not special game modes, but normal random maps. The one with a lot of relics in the center is called Wolf Hill, for example, and is part of the common Random Map roster. You can manually select which maps you want to enable or disable from the roster… but I agree that some of those maps doesn’t fit at all as Random, common maps.

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Thanks, I was wondering if that was the case.