Note Siege archery and Yeoman cards

So from the way the game looks, the card Rangers is supposed to change Yeoman into Baker’s Rifle and Siege archery into the rangers combat card.

But an interesting note is that the siege archery still does contain the effect to boost rangers stats even before getting changed.

Same with Yeoman though the effect of siege archery is never shown so its not as obvious

The rangers card only changes the name and icon for the cards

So like if you still want the ability to send longbows from the home city but also train rangers you get both efffects at the same time without sacrificing anything

Though if you do so dont research the age 4 church rangers tech, cause that one also changes all the shipments to rangers as well, the age 4 church tech seems to practically do everything the age 4 rangers card do does except updating the icons


So if I send the age 4 Ranger card I can still ship LBs? That’s kinda cool. The high siege range is great and they’re better against light cavalry than rangers are I think.

no if you ship the age 2 range card you can sen LBs

The age 4 ranger card will change the shipments to rangers as well

Its that even if you have both Lb and rangers, the yeoman and siege archery card will affect both units even if you havent send the age 4 rangers card

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So siege archery just doesn’t update to Ranger Combat when researching Queens Rangers. And I also slept on Ranger Combat…
I’ve submitted a bug report, hope it gets fixed.

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It’s always been like this since the changes a while back. Many people assumed you needed to send rangers age 4 card in order to have yeomen and siege archery update and work for buffing the rangers when in reality you can just enable rangers via the church techs and send yeomen and siege archery and you’ll see your rangers get buffed.

The church card is by far the best way to do it imo because you get a large quantity of rangers for a good price and they get vet tech and it makes them trainable in age 4 just as the ranger card does, it is also easy to get the tech from the church by ageing up with coin. The ranger card should be moved to age 3 then it would be much more viable.

Seems like an oversight that the cards don’t change after researching the church techs though.