Noticeable input delay in multiplayer

Hi guys

I’m loving this game so far, but I am getting a noticeable delay between when I issue a command and when my units move. But it only happens in multiplayer.

Now I live in South Africa, and have to play with 178ms ping. But I have played with this in other games before, notably Warcraft 3 and it’s nowhere near as bad as this. I turned all my settings to low and recorded it to show an example.

This is in a custom game with no other player. Does anyone else have this problem?

Edit: Here is it compared to a 200ms delay Warcraft 3 game. Still a delay, but much less:

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Wow, that is indeed very noticable, was that a multiplayer game?

Also, that fog again… I cant help not notice it, it’s HORRIBLE, I want to cover the screen with my hand just so I dont see that cataract like screen.

I mean the graphics are on ultra low just to rule out it being something to do with performance. The game actually looks pretty decent on my pc normally.

This was in a custom game with nobody in. But still technically online since you are connected to a server.

OMGBoxShark Is this the normal amount of input delay for around 180ms ping?

I can’t really improve ping, but 180ms feels way better in other games (like the warcraft 3 clip I posted). Or is there something else going on here?