Notify people who are interested in time-limited AoE II: DE events somehow

This is obviously not a huge deal, just an FYI, but the developers create these close to monthly events but they are very easy to miss. I mean you guys probably want people to press F5 on your website everyday to get more monthly users, but cant you just add a simple newsletter option so that people get an email every time one of these AoE II events is about to start? (possibly for other versions/events of the AoE franchise too). Since they’re time limited and need to be completed in like 5 to 6 days players might miss the rewards, I’ve seen a few others ask for the same thing in the steam discussions.

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the event starts on 6th of Sept and the news is from the 14th, you can barely finish the event then

On Steam, the patch notes are shown on the day of, this ‘news’ is more of a reminder in my opinion.

In game, you also see the event pretty clearly in middle-right of the screen of the main menu, no? Usually accompanied by a different event-themed Main Menu screen too.

If you’re in any AoE2 community discords, it also mentions the events, in addition to the patch notes.

I’m not really sure if some sort of newsletter that is sent directly to your Spam folder is going to make you any more aware than you already should be, to be fair. :sweat_smile:

but not every patch means there is an event, right? I dont play the game regularly enough to rely on the ingame screen
discord is something I didnt think of myself, thanks for that

Creo que lo mas ideal seria que notifiquen sobre los eventos en la bandeja de entrada ya sea steam o xbox. Como ya mencionaron anteriormente la mayoría de usuarios desconoce estos eventos lo que genera un gran problema y solo se sabe de estos eventos después del parche. Ahora esta problemática afecta aquellas personas que entran después de días por distintos motivos y desconocen del evento, lo que genera que no puedan cumplir los desafíos y reclamar las recompensas. Esto sin duda disminuye de cierta forma la popularidad al juego.

literally the only reason I find myself on this page after signing up for both aoe insiders and the forum just to see if there was an email newsletter signup somewhere. I don’t use discord or social media. finding anything out about anything is getting quite hard and I find it quite silly things like newsletters are going away.

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