Now some love to the old civs maybe

The design of US looks as if they stuffed all the unique mechanics of WoL mod into one civ, even more exaggerated than Swedes.

Reverting the current design would not be a good idea. What about adding some of them to the old civs?
Like Brits are perhaps more qualified for an “early factory”.

EDIT: one major problem is that they get too many stuff and bonuses for free, and too many options as well. Surely you can’t use all of them at the same time but still very flexible.
That was actually my concern when TAD was introduced: the consulate was too flexible. They also get what other civs need a card or a tech to unlock much more quickly. Swedes have a similar problem. US looks perhaps at least 2x of that. Of course they can be nerfed to less OP some time in the future but by design that looks awkward.
That’s why I do think the old civs need some new mechanics.

EDIT #2: I do think the “state card” is a very creative one, though, even more creative than similar mechanics in WoL and NE.


No, it is just all wrong, USA literally has every positive aspect of all Euro civs, rolled up into one, and then some. It is ridiculous.


Of course they have to make US op because “Murica f*ck yeah”!


Now we all know the dev team has been filled with Swedes and Japanese.

That immigrant is directly borrowed from NE and WoL mod.
Problem is, these mods also added many features for old civs as well.

It’s not like an adult’s design.
Is it the work of a certain developer’s children?

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No, it is literally “'MURICA!!! Fck Yeah!!!” design.


I sincerely hope this thread could stick to maybe more serious discussions as you guys already have a whole thread for ranting.

That is because the USA civ is going to be ridiculously strong, and unless they really rework all previous civs from scratch to thatt power level; there really is no point in buffing them, because they will never catch up to a civ that is based around being faster than them in the first place, and getting a lot of free stuff.

I have said it is not a good idea to release DLC until dev show they are able to solve balance especially new civs.

Otherwise it is just a single player game with multiplayer function, not caring balance.

AussieDrongo mention that the other civs no longer have Saloon, but something else instead.

It’s seem we’ll see a huge update with the new civ this week

I assume that might be simple re-naming and re-skinning…

Surely they will put all the other countries who revolted in the time frame as civs too right? No?
Then is not just the fact that they are broken and so overly develop, they are not supossed to be there
I do share your idea of giving the other civs new features as well

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If this DLC only contains the new US civ i won’t buy it.