Now that we got alternate hero skins, how about alternate AI leaders?

Since the devs have been getting really creative with new cosmetics lately, it got me thinking ‘what else could be done as a cool cosmetic?’ and I got an idea: New Leaders.

The AOE3 AI trash talk is lowkey is one of the funniest features in the game, but can get repetitive after a while. New leaders could be used to add new voice lines, flags, flavour and AI strategies.

Let’s use France as an example: It currently uses the Kingdom of France flag with Napoleon as its leader.
What if instead we had the Kingdom of France flag with Louis XIV as leader and as an alternative the Empire of France flag with Napoleon as its leader. We could even have different AI behaviours based on their historical personalities. Napoleon could be likely to use aggressive strategies and clever maneuvers, while Louis could be more defensive and economy focused.

Now I know that getting new voice actors and programming a new AI is not as simple as just making a new skin, but I think it’s worth a thought…

Other alternate leaders I can think of right now:
Queen Victoria or George III for Britain, Joseph II or Maria Theresa for Germany, Peter the Great or Catherine for Russia, Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln for the USA, Emperor Meiji for Japan.


10/10 would love to see Chief Eagle Woman lead the Lakota, along with a balance rework to give them a late-game sustainability that they currently lack. I could see her using them as a booming civ over anything else, playing defensively.


This could definitely be fun


I like AI leaders talk. They are so funny. İsabella says to me " pet" :rofl: :rofl:

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Love this Idea. The more divercity the better.


yes, its something I would love to see.

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Imagine playing against Nobunaga lol


Anything that makes the AI better without cheating. This however is a lot of work and requires hiring voice actors. Don’t see it happening though sad face. Hell I don’t see any meaningful improvement to the AI happening.

It’s funny that there are a lot of notes on AI changes but finding a platform to actually communicate how to make the AI better? I dunno, haven’t found it yet. Most of them if not all of them attack mindlessly in age 2 usually for way too long making countering their ‘strategy’ really easy as well as limiting your options, and they use suboptimal cards and builds for doing so anyway.


I definitely agree with this! 100%. I wanted new personalities and new hero skins for the Ais. I wish this feature will be added soon.


Maybe X civilization Customization Pack DLC e.g.:

  • Germans civ - Vienna, Home City; Maria Theresa, Ruler; Prussian, German Empire, Austrian, Austria-Hungarian, Flag’s