Now that we have the french revolution, I would love to see an American revolution with the Confederacy

I know it is a bit borderline with the timeline of aoe3 but so are the Ethiopian historical battles and with the Units we have, I think it could work out great.
It could be a revolution after age 5 for the USA.

What do you think?

Very unlikely. (20 characters)


Not happening, ever. This is a super sensitive subject in the US. There is no way to feature the Confederacy without getting into the question of slavery and AoE always avoided heavier topics like this.


That’s sad. I didn’t think about it this way, since in other games you can even play #### Germany.

I guess the game is made in US not Germany.

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If you want to learn about the Civil War research it yourself. I don’t get this obsession with adding CSA to the game.

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What exactly would a confederacy revolution offer in terms of gameplay changes? I would rather not have something that would open up a can of worms especially if the worse case scenario being the confederacy revolt civ caters to junk history like the lost cause.

A Taiping revolution for the Chinese would be awesome. CSA is a bit too dicey though. If they wanted to do a slavery based revolution, they should just expand on the Haiti one to not be a joke pirate theme.

A Prussian revolution for germans is more likely. something like:

All crossbowmen become landwehrs
All doppelsoldners become grenadiers
All pikemen become revolutionaries

But settlers stay the same

I’d like to see the English Civil War represented with some form of early revolution

One way would be :

The ‘normal’ age up to commerce age could be considered siding with the Parliamentary (Roundheads) route and the alternative ‘revolt’ option (in the style of the French Revolution) would be the Royalist route (Cavaliers).

Another way could be the standard Age Up button with a Commonwealth of England ‘revolution’, where you get New Model Army Musketeers/Pikemen and Ironsides (non-merc versions of Harquebusiers instead of Hussars). You could even have a separate Scottish Coventers ‘revolution’ too, where you get Covenanter Pikemen and Musketeers as well as Targeteers (Highland Sword and Targe-shield users) Moss-Troopers (Border country outlaw units) and Croft houses instead of Manors.

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First, the revolution mechanism is exclusive to Age IV European civilization.

The Mexicans’ unique Mexican revolution mechanism should be seen as something else.

Civilizations can get cards with revolution-like effects, but the meaning of a card is different from the revolution mechanism. The “revolution” they bring from the home city is to protect and to support the home country, not overthrow and get rid of it, so neither the flag nor the home city will be changed.

For these reasons, I do not accept the Confederacy as a revolutionary option.
There is already a revolutionary card for US, Bear Flag Revolt from California.

I also do not accept the Taiping Revolution. The Chinese might be deserving of a revolutionary card, and I think the one that best fits the definition is the Boxer Rebellion. The Boxer’s starting point was to stand up for the Qing rulers and resist Western colonization in China, even if it ended up being a mere savage riot. The effect of current Boxer Rebellion card can be transferred to the Village Defenses card.

The Germans got the Prince Electors card and the March Revolution card this time, which means a common German civilization is a foregone conclusion. If you want to give the Germans a new option, perhaps Poland is a decent candidate. Poland could also serve Russians and Swedes.

Ireland is nice as a new option for the British.
Greece is nice as a new option for the Ottomans.
Belgium should be an option for the revolution mechanism rather than a card. I can see this being designed to introduce the Flemish Revolution card that pays homage to AOE2, and make these two cards a good pair. Perhaps after making Belgium an option, the Flemish Revolution card could make the Belgian option free.


We have the separatists of Rio Grande and Yucatan in the game whose flags are banned for threatening national integrity, so maybe they can implement the confederates at least in the most Family friendly way