Yes, you are right. This engine has been developed for Coh

My theory is that the developers purposely limited the zoom in both directions to get feedback on it.
They want asked in the survey if the camera is both too close or too far when fully zoomed out or zoomed in.
This way they can better find out what should be the lower and what the upper limit.

Also they were maybe afraid of people publishing to many close up screenshots.
AoE4 is an RTS and not a FPS so of course it doesn’t look that good but people are used to 1st and 3rd person games nowadays.

I was so blown away by Empire Earth as a child.
At one point my parents had a projector for a week so I played the game using a projector and zoomed all the way in to watch my city and my army, it was so awesome.

Now the game looks just bad and (ironically) the close zoom makes it nearly unplayable.

Sadly no game every could get close to what Empire Earth was.
But maybe one day we will get a RTS again that tries to cover all of human history.

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I agree with you, and I think this is a necessary feature for a new 4k game, so I hope that they will add this options at launch.

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World’Edge Had not fear when they showed AOE3de because they knew what beautiful this game Is.


All Images taken by me.


Nice and awesome …20 characters

With maximum details on 4k resolution. Those screenshots have been taken during this scenario:

It’s not something the have to “add” it’s something they have to unlock.
I assume you can change the zoom in config files already they just didn’t give us the option in the ingame menu.

I love AoE3DE, it’s certainly my favourite RTS both visually and gameplay wise but I think AoE4 will beat it in both.
AoE4 just feels so nice to play and looks really good when zoomed out.
Yes it doesn’t look as good when zoomed in but that’s not how I play it.
Yes it would be better if it also looked good zoomed in but that doesn’t make it bad when zoomed out.

You are allowed to disagree. It’s personal taste after all.

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Yeah that’s what I meant, don’t misunderstand me I really like most things in the game, and I am looking forward to play it.

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Yes, I recently tried AoE 3 DE’s ludicrous zoom option, and it’s great, it made the game so much more playable for me. And it has a huge range of zoom, you can still zoom in close, as well as being able to zoom out very wide. I would personally still prefer them to allow us to zoom out to see the entire map on the screen. I wouldn’t actually use that wide a zoom when controlling units, I’d use it like google maps - use the mouse wheel to zoom right out, then move the pointer to where I want to look and use the mouse wheel to zoom in again centred on the mouse pointer, i.e. it would provide an easier way than panning to move to another area of the map.

The developers of AoE 4 say that RTS players always want to zoom out more, but have they considered that the players might be right in thinking they’d enjoy the game more if they could do that, and that’s why they always ask for it?