Hello developer

You already know that people talk about zoom out a lot, but today I will talk about zoom in. I have a small request about that. I don’t know if there is anyone like me besides me? kind of like in addition to fighting battles, my hobby is watching replays to enjoy the scenery and get a close look at the units fighting each other or simply watching my farmers do their daily work, watching landscapes and wild animals…It’s like being immersed in that world.

Let me give you an example for your understanding:
I like the way of zooming in like Company of heroes, Dawn of War, Empire Earth, yes, super zoom.


Or at least as pictures I cut out in the trailer AOE4

It will even help me to record my favorite movies when zooming in close enough.

In short, please the developers let us zoom out and zoom in comfortably, and you just need to put it in the settings, whoever wants to zoom in or out can do whatever we want.
If you make this a reality, it was really great.

Thanks for reading


I hope they will allow us to Zoom In and Out just how we individualy want.
If they thinks it destoys the game experience, they just could make a notification in the settings (for lets call it " allow indivdual Zoom") who says “This could influence the User experienc as it was not considered” - and any one is happy: because we can Zoom in and out how we want it and the devs for theyr exposition / “warning”.


Absolutely yes. I often play with zoom in. So, my concerns about model textures


As far as I know, you can zoom in really closely with the capture tool.


Enough was said about it on closed subforum and normal one.
The only thing I’d add is that I would never expect this to be an issue.
IV is not only a rather light game when it comes to requirements, but also runs on the new engine. Just like limiting max zoom doesn’t make game more tactical, limiting min zoom doesn’t make assets better looking. It just makes it worse for people interested in the atmosphere, making screenshots and other things.

3DE devs went through hell optimizing the engine and the game content to have smooth gameplay with this zoom level:


BTW offtopic - seeing these apples, in an RTS game from 2005, reminds me one FPS that had very… intriguing models and textures…


i did not know that. :hushed:

3DE, like all DEs, had many issues at launch including performance problems. But more than that, orginal AoE3,that DE is based on, was -really- not optimized for any increase in camera zoom. Even when running that game on a good PC fps were dropping fast when playing with modded camera (even in 1v1 vs AI).

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I love the zoom levels in AOE3:DE. I’m afraid it’s spoiled me for other games that don’t have as good a zoom.


I actually think that they did that , because the didnt want to show bad textures of units when you zoom in too much.I actually think that right now its better , compare to what we had before during the closed beta.I didnt like zoom in too much , because the graphics is not made for that , it doesnt look that good , and they know it.Im ok with that


It’s true, I don’t think an extremely small and big zoom is needed. On top of that, they clearly are not going for fine detail so sadly there’s less to admire with a very close camera.
That being said, they never had an issue with showing everything. This is the same Relic from a decade ago, OP posted DoW1, this is a sequel:

BTW talking about Relic and gore… Imagine hitting a unit with a bombard and seeing a mist of blood and limbs flying around. How much more exciting battles would be. That would require a change of the large part of its tone but hey, I always been saying I’m a fan of a brutal, grimdark tones.


In total war games when you zoom in you see a lot of great animations , and textures , and its ok , but when you zoom out you actually see nothing at all ;].I prefer to have no to much zoom in , but good zoom out to see units very good

OMG that screenshot from dawn of war 1, how amazing, look at those unit textures/details for a game in 2004, there is no excuse for the lack of details in Age IV, no excuse!


I’d also like to tilt the camera.

to me CoH 1 zoom in is perfect, it goes into a cinematic feeling by tilting the camera, I want that kind of zoom in :smiley:

Yes, they have done a Great thing.

I think this could be a reason. But in this case developers are Admiting that they didn’t a good job in graphic and all the criticisms and negative reactions are legit. So, i suggest them to work a next Graphic big update or DLC After launch.

You could add all campaigns, civilizations, units etc., But if you don’t improve the game’s graphic you’ll breake the immersion for many people Who Will not have interest to play again, imho.

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Yes, and also because It’s the same Graphic engine. I already said it many Times: Relic Is a good team with a Great Engine (Essence): i really don’t understand what they are triying to reach with this graphic:

  1. many casual gamers (the most of AOE players) are unhappy with this graphic because Is not detailed for a 2021 game: not detailed textures, Plastic weapons, Building sizes, bad animations, bad water realizations and more;

  2. for Pro-players, UI is bad and the game also with zoom-out Is not good readable as well.

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DOW1 uses a different engine, AGE IV is using company of heroes engine ( dow2)

For me is Max zoom out was way better in beta comparing to an earlier version.
The main reason why I think about more zoomed out game is an area of what I can see and buildings size. Playing AoE4 I have, still, a natural reflex to zoom out because it isn’t comfortable for me to manage units in the small area I see.
IMO a little bit more zoom out could be the best when we have to choose and can’t get such big like it was in AoE1 or 2.

If you think that will ruin our game experience jeez give us a warning in the menu but still let us smooth zoom out as much as it is comfortable for us. Please, don’t play with parents which know better what will be better for their kids on this theme.

To be honest I don’t care about Max zoom level because don’t use it.