Nu Wa in vanilla scenarios

Game Version:

  • Build 2.7.4172382


Since Tale of the Dragon was introduced, the Major God for Mother Nature in vanilla scenarios is Nu Wa instead of Isis. I don’t know if the actual god is different or if it’s just the text that’s wrong. I don’t know if it’s affecting players who don’t own the DLC.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play a scenario from Fall of the Trident.
  2. Click on any nature unit, e.g. tree, mine, animal, etc.
  3. Look at the Major God name in the UI.

Yeah it should be “Mother Nature - Nature” depending on the major god.
Never knew how that was chosen tho, i’ve encountered scenarios where mother nature was Isis.
Fun fact: You could play as “Character” (the mother nature god) using the Editor, but you couldnt do much since that major god dont have a finished tech tree… here it is the UI that they use (completely different and probably the beta UI for Greeks) … in aom EE its broken.