Nubians civilization Idea

I know that no more civs will be added, but purely for fun and giving an idea for a possible modder the nubians could be like:

Camel and Archer civilizatiion

  • Start with +150 wood
  • Camel Rider moves 10% faster
  • Each garrisoned relic gives +1 attack to foot archers (up to 4)
  • Monasteries *2 Hitpoints.

Team Bonus: Camel Units +2 LOS
Unique Unit: Kushite Archer (70 wood, 50 gold): A foot archer with an attcak that ignores pierce armor, strong vs armored units.

  • HP:35 (40 for elite)
  • Attack: 5 (7 for elite)
  • Armor: 1/1 (2/2 for elite)
  • Rate of fire: 2.4
  • Frame delay: 5
  • Range 4 (5 for elite)
  • Accuracy: 60% (70% for elite)
  • Projectile speed: 7
  • LOS: 7
  • Speed: 1.0
    Upgrade to elite: 900 food, 900 gold.

Unique Technologies:

  • Desert fury: Camel Rider attacks 25% faster. (300 food 250 gold)
  • (Unknown religious name): Monk +1 range. (700 wood, 400 gold)

Tech Tree:

  • Barracks: No champion and Halbedieer.
  • Archery Range: No Heavy Cavalry Archer, Hand Cannoneer and Parthian Tactics.
  • Stable: No Cavalier.
  • Siege Workshop: No Siege Onager, Heavy Scorpion and Bombard cannon.
  • Castle: Not Hoardings.
  • Dock: Not Shipwright, Fast fire ship and heavy demolition ship.
  • Defensive Structures: No bombard Tower
  • Monastery: Not Heresy.
  • Blacksmith: Not Ring Archer Armor and Plate Barding Armor.
  • University: Not Architecture, Siege Engineers and Arrowslits.
  • Economy: Not Gold Shaft Mining, Two-Man saw and Crop Rotation.

Wonder: Faras Cathedral.
Campaign or Historical Battle: First or Second Battle of Dongola (652)

This is all, feel free to suggest something about balance or giv ebetter historical info for the bonuses, I will probably make more ideas for a fictional “The Forgotten part II”.


For another African civilization I would prefer Bantu over Nubian as the Nubian are kind of already represented by Ethiopian + Saracens

Bantu will cover all of Central and South Africa


We need the Swahili states in the game…A maritime African civ (not Middle Eastern civ like Berbers in game)…


Yes Swahili is one of the important groups of the broader term Bantu. They also had a large influence among the numerous Bantu tribes in the medieval era.

So the Lithuanians of archers uh? Welp, besides this fact, what I don’t like is that +4 on archers is much more dangerous than +4 on even paladins. I really don’t think 1 less armor upgrade is enough to balance it. However according to the article you linked " Abdallah marched a force of 5,000 men to the Makurian capital of Dongola in 651. He was equipped with heavy cavalry and a catapult ( manjaniq ), probably a mangonel which according to al-Maqrizi the Makurians had never seen before." So basically you remove the mangonel line entirely from this faction and maybe a strong bonus for archers would look more balanced.


Well i thinked on a civ with strong focus on foot archers like this one, and the increased attack on archers isn’t used yet (this hsows that the argument of running out of new bonuses/UUs and UTs is invalid), I remember that all complained about the relic bonus of the lithuanians but right now is ok.

Removing mangonels could be, but it will probable left the civ very weak in some way no? not sure.

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I had design Nubian before.

Archers garrisoned in buildings can shoot extra arrows.
Skirmishers are trained 20% faster.
Free thumb ring.
Team bonus: Start game with +50 gold.

UU: “Pitati Archer” (foot archer unit) (60W, 60G)
hp: 45>55 (elite)
attack: 3>4
armor: 1/0
speed of run: 1
speed of fire: 2.03
range: 5
accurate: 100%
light of sight: 6
upgrading cost: 1000F, 1000G

Castle unique tech: “Archers of the Eyes” (1000W, 750G, 100sec.)
Pitati and buildings’ attack can ignore the pierce armor.
Imperial unique tech: “Egyptian Mercenaries” (500W, 400G, 43sec.)
Allows the player and allies to train up to 15 Elite Pitati with Archers of the Eyes from their Castles for free.

This civ is very broken


I would remove Bracer and thumb Ring as the damage Output for the UU is massive and onagers should outrange them to have a counter as These would even shred huskarls, Eagles, rattans, skirms, which traditionally hard counter archers. Also i think the UU should move very slow, like a Teutonic Knight.

People should stop purposefully ressurrecting ancient posts.
5 months later, the thread is dead!

As a goth player,i dont like that UU…

I thinked on removing Bracer and giving back Ring Archer Armor

Well Teuton players not like the Leitis

hasn’t stopped teutons from beating Lithuanians nearly 53% winrate overall.

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