Number of AoE 4 players

Hello everyone, even if Steam says that about 8000 people play a day, it does not mean that there are not more players, since there will also be many players who play from the game pass. That’s why my question is how many people will be playing counting Steam and the gamepass? Is the number of players increasing?

happy delusions.
Season2 has 14k players.

There are people playing the game in other ways.

If I go here, and choose global, players, custom, there’s 72k players:

Or if I choose quick match 2v2 there’s 28k.

And then there’s people only playing single player on top.

Also, you have to play each mode quite a lot to be on the leaderboard, seems to be 10 games in a rolling timeframe, I’ve played co-op quick matches where I haven’t been included in the numbers because I didn’t play enough in one exact mode to count. All the combinations of hard and hardest and 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 give 6 modes, so I can play quite a lot in those 6 modes without racking up 10 games in the timeframe to be on the leaderboard. If I played 9 in each mode I’d have played 54 games and not be on any of the leaderboards.

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i know. but last season had 35k. but also it was 3 months. not one month.

is it unique? or just summed numbers with intersection?