Observation tab/search functions

Not sure if this is a bug or feature suggestion. Probably a mix. ‘Observe’ in the game is completely busted. You can keep hitting that refresh button and you’ll keep getting the same exact games appearing. There must be more games happening than the small selection shown. The matches shown are also all skewed towards lower level players with a mysteriously large portion of them being played by people who have never had any games so they’re on their first match ever.

That is the bug part now for feature suggestion. Why can’t we search by player name/elo bracket? We have to add someone as a friend to observe them but we can watch all their old games as long as they are not hidden? Where is the logic? This same individual could be observed if by some fluke we managed to find them in the observe menu.

Thank you

We are aware of a lot of work to do in this regard and look forward to providing the online experience that players expect—work ongoing.

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