Observe match not working sometimes

Sometimes I like to check my friends games but their ‘observe match’ button is grayed out. It will say they’re in game but then I can’t see it.


But then other times the same player will be fine. What could be causing this?

Hey @ChicDinosaur31! There’s a bug where if someone is viewing a match or replay it will show them as “in-game”…that is possibly what is going on here.

That’s not it. All of my friends in game have the ‘observe match’ option grayed out. I asked all of them to make sure and even observed one of them using discord. What could possibly be causing that? Do they have to allow observe games? I don’t see an option for that anywhere.

Edit: I just verified game files, still having the problem.

Edit 2: As soon as I wrote this another friend started a game, I got the option to observe him but only him? Huh? Well I’m glad I could see it but what about all my other friends???

@ChicDinosaur31 Have one of your friends try the Status Visibility slider and see if that changes anything for you.