"Occupations" Instead of "Revolts" for Malta

I find it rather strange for Malta to have revolts for Malta. You could argue they shouldn’t be in the game (I don’t argue this as I like them), but having revolts seems silly. Maybe instead of revolts they should have “occupations”; your choices being either a British or French one. These occupations wouldn’t function like a revolt, but rather as age 5 alternatives, which would be reflected by a higher cost than revolts. I’ve thought of a few bonuses for each but more could be made.

Switches sentinels for redcoats with sentinels “Nearby buildings” boost.
Card for HP promotions for your hussars but increase in cost.
Card for more range on fire throwers, ## or something.
Give them the card for more archer range.

Changes your xbows to Voltigers (with “nearby buildings” boost) and replaces them in the barracks.
Card to give sentinels +range promotions.
Card to give your cuirassiers attack damage promotions but higher cost.
Give them the “gribeauval system” card.

What do yall think?


I would also add Spain, originally Malta belonged to the Kingdom of Aragon, which later ceded it to the Knights Hospitallers when they lost Rhodes (the union of the Iberian crowns was already in place at that time, therefore Spain), for that reason I would add that there is also an Ottoman occupation, since they occupied their most important island and then moved to Malta.

Finally, I would change the name to the Hospitaller Order instead of Malta, or Hospitallers if it is too long.


Spain might be fine but I think the “Maltese” should stay as its more broad and it makes more sense to include the British and French occupation.

Revolution options for Maltese civ (simultaneously brand new Revolutions in the game):


  1. Change all Hospitallers into Evzone. Evzone replaces Hospitallers in military buildings.
  2. Change all Sentinels and Settlers into Sacred Band Infantry. Sacred Band Infantry replaces Sentinel in military buildings.
  3. Granadier replaces Fire Thrower in military buildings. Grenadier gets Cheirosiphon (Bizantine Flamethrower)
  4. Greek Fire Ship replaces Order Galley’s in Docks.
  5. Fixed Gun becomes a Fire Gun.
  6. Grand Master turns into General (his skin is based on the Byzantine Emperors).


  1. Vesuvio (Ship of the line) and Capri (Téméraire-class ship of the line) they are available for training at the Dock (Vesuvio replaces of Ironclad and Battleship; Capri replaces Order Galley). This ships can train Real Marina (Sicilian Marines).
  2. Change all Settlers into Guardia di Sicurezza. Guardia di Sicurezza replaces Sentinel in military buildings.
  3. Change all Hospitallers into Carrabbineri. Carrabbineri replaces Hospitallers in military buildings.
  4. Camorrista, Mafiosso and Campieri they become unique Outlaws for this revolution
  5. Change all Fire Thrower into Grenedier. Grenadier replaces Fire Thrower in military buildings.
  6. Musketeer is avialable to train in military buildings.

Why would these make sense as revolts for Malta? Not saying they don’t but genuinely wondering.

Greece because they ruled Rhodes for a long time, Sicily because Malta always belonged to Sicily or Tunisia, or that’s why I suppose.

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Both of those seem to be the opposite of revolts?

Because Maltese are the opposite of civs.


Yes, but now that we have it why don’t we give them a different kind of “revoltish” system?

Sicilians civ based on the Kingdom of Two Sicilies (Kingdom of Sicily and Naples) would be a much better civ than Maltese civ. They’d also have better options and wouldn’t be loping past campaign stuff.

Unfortunately, we have Maltese civ instead of Sicilians civ, so I think that at least such a revolution option could appear in the game.

I feel those would be better represented by cards.

Maybe even special cards you unlock after you go Imperial. You could even pair this with the British/French occupations as a good post-imp alternative. Whereby you may want to choose British, but if you go Imp instead, you get this epic Rhodes card.

Right. In Italians civ Home City, there is only one “Sicilian” card available - it is the only thing representing southern Italy in the entire game. The Maltese, who have been dependent on Sicily for many years, do not do this at all.

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I don’t know much about Italy so I don’t know what this is in reference to.

I have an idea for a possible Maltese revolution, and it is to represent the division that occurred in the order after the Protestant Reformation, where a considerable part of the German knights and other northern European countries gradually separated from the Catholic main stem for theological reasons, forming the Protestant branch of the Knights Hospitaller.

This revolution may consist of adding units, cards and mechanics from the German, Dutch and Swedish civilizations, representing the “Order of Saint John (Bailiwick of Brandenburg)” (aka “Johanniterorden” in German), the “Johanniter Orde in Nederland” (Dutch), and the “Johanniterorden i Sverige” (Swedish).

So, for example, the revolution deck could add many German related cards, a Dutch Tongue and a Swedish Tongue cards, etc.

Order of Saint John (Bailiwick of Brandenburg) - Wikipedia

It is actually the inverse, there is none sicilian themed card in the italian HC, unless you consider pizza that card, while in maltese HC you have the sicilian supply card

Thanks for correcting me. I was wrong.

Maltese civ have a Home City “Sicilian Supply” card - Villagers gather from Mills 25% faster; grants a trickle of 2.75 food. This Home City card is the only thing that represents Sicily in this game. Even all of Italy (excluding Sardinia & Corsica) is covered with only one map - which is very far-fetched.

At that time the concept of mafia didn’t exist but brigandage very widespread in southern Italy in the former kingdom of the two Sicilies

The problem with putting Sicily is that it did not have colonies as Malta did, better called Knights Hospitallers, all the factions in the game had colonies at some point in their history, if there are not colonized, semi-colonized or to be colonized factions, except Spain that had overseas territories, Mexico because all its territory was the Spanish legacy, Portugal had more commercial posts than anything else and Brazil was more of a colony, but it had a kind of overseas state, then the Swedes and Danes only had posts commercial, I do not know if any functioned as colonies.
Russia was expanding its territory and as such it never had colonies, because Alaska was only part of the Siberian expansion and was subject to the same rules as Siberia, that is, the Yasak, but since it was by ship it was more expensive than what it generated, that’s why they sold it, another thing would have sung if the Spanish Colonists had not expelled the Russian Colonists from Canada and California, on the other hand, the USA expanded to the West, now, I don’t know if the continental territory of the USA was ever under a colonial statute, but then you have Puerto Rico and several Caribbean islands, as well as Hawaii and the thousands of Pacific islands that are colonies.

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