October Pre Update!

The one in the middle is Manco Inca, so this confirms that the skins are historical figures, which makes me very excited to see the future explorer skins.

Ranged cavalry such as dragoons and ruyters now counter granadero since they have a heavy cav tag


Another awesome update to AoE 3 DE is coming. I’m so excited about it!

PS: Is it possible that this update will include other changes and new stuff?
I think for the first anniversary of AoE3 DE we will get an event focusing on the civs added in the DE version: Incas civ and Swedes civ. I think the Swedes would also get new skins for their Explorer.

Thank you, dear wonderful creators :heart:


I said that you CAN, not you must. They havent to spend vills on the plaza thanks to llamas and priestness, thats all. You talk about I have to play natives but you talk about plaza’s units, specially incas waste time doing that lol.
I dont play inca, I dont like their army, but they need wood and had crates for that.
Hauds need it too but they havent got anything. 500wood arent enough, that shipment should be changed, removing food crates maybe.

Incas start with so much resources, those 3 lamas will be worth 1200 food, is basically free fortress age almost. I dont understand why devs changed this.


Bueno, después de jugar la pre update un rato, tengo unas serie de sugerencias que hacer desde mi punto de vista, como main Inca y jugador muy activo de otras civilizaciones nativo americanas.
Primero que nada, agradezco a los devs esta pre update, es simplemente genial.

Crates: Considero que los crates iniciales son demasiado generosos, sobre todo los 400 de madera, estos te permiten gran cantidad de build ordens nuevas, conociendo a los desarrolladores, seguro que su idea era que construyéramos una casa kancha, una plaza comunitaria para las llamas y un mercado, pero ufff, dejenme decirles, estan terriblemente equivocados. Los jugadores vamos a hacer 2 cosas, vamos a construir una casa kancha o un mercado (y desarrollar perros de caza), y definitivamente en el 100% de los casos, vamos a construir un Tambo, porque a parte de dar experiencia, también en un punto de Reunión económico, ideal para rush o tomar map control, sin mencionar que el tambo nos da 5 de pop, haciendo que la casa kancha sea opcional.
Recomiendo reducir los crates, la madera debería ser entre 200-300 de madera, en mi opinión deberían ser 300, y el crate de oro creo que no debería estar, pero acepto sugerencias, también recomiendo bajar el numero de llamas iniciales.
Kallanka: Como sabrán, ahora hay un envio de 2 kallankas en comercial, que también te proporciona las unidades de la misma en la edad del comercio, esto está super roto, aunque si, estás unidades no estan en Elite y tienen un costo importante, siguen siendo muy buenas unidades y te permite quedarte en la edad del comercio por tiempo indeterminado.
Recomiendo que el envió se cambie a un solo kallanka, porque pude timmear 10 boleadoras al minuto 5, esto es demasiado fuerte, lo otro que recomiendo, es que solo se permita crear boleadoras en la kallanka, la huaraca y el maceman deben estar disponibles solo y unicamente a partir de la edad de las fortalezas.
Boleadoras: Debo decir que la unidad ahora está genial, pero ahora es muy fuerte, a pesar de tener multiplicadores negativos contra la infantería, gana fácilmente contra la mayoría de las unidades, no se muy bien como manejarlo, pero debe ser nerfeado de alguna forma.

Eso es lo que puedo decir por el momento, todavía me faltan cosas para testear, como el rush nativo, probar algún semi ff de sacerdotisas, entre otras estrategias que se me van ocurriendo.
También vi que los aztecas tuvieron cambios, así que también voy a testearlos a ellos y de paso también ver a los Haudenosaunees y Lakotas, otras 2 civilizaciones que conozco bien.


Este es un cambio agregado a los aztecas, que no avisaron, ahora empiezan con 2 WP.


2 WPs for Aztec at start? This is actually a big buff. Looking forward to see if it goes to the real patch. Thank you for letting us know about this change :slight_smile:


Personally, I don’t like change at all, it’s too strong.
Perhaps, if you reduce the equivalent of the WP in the community square from 2 villagers to 1.5, and increase the creation limit of war priests to 16 like the Incas, I can accept it.

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This patch talked about a new mode never seen before in Aoe3, is there something in the PUP?

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Not yet, it seems. We don’t know if it is coming on this patch tho

I’m in a similar boat. I still play them but I get a little queasy that everything is going to change one of these days and all of a sudden we’ll be making nothing but sharpshooters and carbine cav.

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Was a +10w for India really necessary? India wasn’t OP in any way.


Skirms and Goons in second age is not OP ???

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paper thin goons and age2 stat skirm are definitely not OP.

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If the skirm had less range and the goon occupied 2 pop, I would give you every reason, but since India has skirm + musk in early game and easy map control with agra, OP already does.
And the goons, you can say that they are made of paper, that they are weak, etc, but in my personal experience, the cheaper and less pop the unit occupies, the more efficient it is, the only exception to the rule is the strelet, which is missing plenty of range to be as operational as the Zamburak, Ruyter and Javalin Rider.
I clarify, when the game becomes advanced, these units that I say are efficient, lose usefulness, but nothing happens, because the Indian has stronger replacements at his disposal, so yes, the Indian is OP and the 10 wood is extra. at home is more than justified.


Zamburaks are very strong in the beginning when combined with Gurkha. But at the end of the game I think that the zamburaks should improve their reach to match the other gunpowder cavalry.

Some civs don’t have counters for them in age2. India has had an early game nerf coming for a long time.


Chimu runners are still problematic (Maybe even more that they were before), because they are unsnarable with that hability anyway, so their raids still ain’t snared and they still can walk directly into the enemies artillery ignoring the units that you use to shield it.
And now they are even faster, and cheaper.

Also, I think Inca have too much starting resources.

Why thought?

It’s sorta makes sense since they nerfed monitors on the other patch. But why they are making those ships that are good vs buildings and weak versus other ships weaker all the sudden?

Those ships are important to break stalemates on the water. Otherwise you can never break through docks/outposts/town centers/artillery on the shores. Why suddenly nerf them?

Why this thought? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Well… how about we give they the best musketeer in the whole game so people never do other units? :horse: