October Pre Update!

They give then u it’s in age 2 , but their stat will be weaken , Dutch have ski in age 2 , but that doesn’t make them op .


I often think , when they nerf a civ , they goes all in , nerf it to trash .
They made otto trash in treaty now inca .

Lets count the nerfs

1.increase cost , of bowmen , spearman .

  1. Lower range of bola.

3 , bola and harucuma , now have their upgrades base on age 2 stat . So now they will have 20% less ho and attack .

  1. Now they will have half the blowgunners .

  2. Lower hp for building .

  3. Bola have negative multiplier vs all infantry , along with 20% less stat , I guess this unit is nerfed to very bad for treaty . Bowman were already the one of the worst archer in game .

What u get in return ??

  1. Minnor boost to chemu , , speed boost and 5% hp , well that’s. It gonna make much difference in treaty .
  2. Wood from house , it’s a welcome change , but not a economy booster .
    3 . Firepit wood tickle ??? Why will u ever use firepit for wood tickle .

Over all I think inca is goning to the bad civ in treaty now on .

Their power was splash of bolas and shere number from Carib alliance . Now it’s all gone , some bad u it’s are left .

Now u have to spam bowman instead of bolas , which is not a good unit . Also they inceased its cost .

That’s what the beta anticipated patch is for, to test changes and find bugs. These announcements are not final.


Can’t wait to see the rest of the explorer skins for other civs.


So there is a new event I’m guessing that can be played to get these cool customizations?

But here is says “Awarded from a past event.” Is that a placeholder? Or do we get it if we had done some past event?

Not that you’ll know. But just putting the question out there. :slight_smile:

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My guess is that a new event is coming with the update, so we may be able to unlock them

Great now my infantry can counter them in melee… O wait Grenadaro counters infantry…

Seriously what is this supposed to do in helping to counter Grenadaro? This is only really usefull to the Swedes.

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I don’t really know the unit but shouldn’t it mean dragoons counter them better now?


I wonder if the south American maps are a hint towards the new civs.


Maybe, but they have huge range resist. Killing this types of units with dragoons arent the best option, at least flail elephants are slow

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I havent talked about army. Incas are the Native civ that didnt need more wood options, Hauds did. Now they have Kanchas and plaza, that could be used in treaty time.

Kallanka card is not for treaty, its for supremacy, and again is a better card than aztec one. Devs look like they want that aztecs go out of the game.

3 llamas arent for a treaty POV, its for supremacy again.

Incas dont need to go out of their base thanks to kancha, before you could rush their lumberjacks to avoid them to train units.


yeah but they have negative multi against cav iirc and also cav are always in stagger mode so its probably the best counter bar none

so now as india i can’t even afford a house in a game forget about real life


Absolutely Uneeded. 70 was soo soo balanced also, coz the hp of those houses is also less


I dont care about that, but just that change for indians?? They need more love for lategame.


I didnt take them into account yeah, I always forgot they do pure heavy cavalry and not just cavalry.

Still like another user said, they have 40% range resistence and the area damage of the granadero probably means they will still mass kill the dragoon, the problem with dragoons is that for every 1 you field, the granadero can have 2. The dragoon can only target one, while the granadero targets like 6 at once.


Finally it takes almost one year for dev to correct 1 design failure (CR snare), this is good start.

I dont like the 400w opening, feels a bit too generous its like a stronger china start in all respects more food, more wood and more livestock. And given that the kancha house now cost the same as the chinese village both civs should start with 300w. Infact the only civ which should start with 400w is otto and only otto. 800 res 6 vill 3 livestock start for a native civ seems so overpowered.

Starting with llamas seems a bit strong in team games, the incan playr can just pass these livestock to the african/chinese or iro age 1 farm player to get those fattened fast.

Dutch change/reversion is absolutely fine, probably needed. The Indian change/reversion makes very little sense to me, I didnt seem to be an issue at all with balance last patch and a small comment on why this change was made would be appreciated.


Not much to add other than I just wanted to say that I love that this game is getting much attention. Please keep going! :heart:


U use plaza on wood in treaty ??? Dude play some treaty with native civ first . U can mostly use them on xp , attack and fertility , unless spawning special units