October PUP

Any expected date of arrival of the October patch?

I think the same day as the DLC - October 31st.

So no public update preview to check bugs?

dont think so, we dead if theres bug

@thieftdp8498 There has to be a lot of bugs for the amount of new features introduced.

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They are not bugs, they are features XD

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PUP just came out, time to check it out

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@thieftdp8498 Are they still using old architecture for Persians in the PUP? If so, guys please raise the issue on PUP itself.


Just checked its still the old one…

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graphic is a bonus for me but im more of a function person rather than aesthetics. i look for crashes and stuff that may break my mod etc

Does anyone know what changes are planned in the next PUP?

We only know once the next PUP is out