Odd game bugs

so, in game I set for animate fog of war, its not working, at the top left of the screen below my resources, any unit that I have in production does not show, the tech tree does not want to scroll to the right, and when I put the mouse over an icon, the info on it doesnt come up, in fact? I would scroll downwards, to like the bronze age bar, and I pull up the Axe mans info.

Reinstalled the game 2 times in the past 2-3 days, same issues.

One issue per thread is the rule. Also, within the #age-of-empires-i:aoe-de-bugs section. Additionally, it would be best to include footage, such as .GIF, savegame and/or video files, to better highlight the issues. If not, it is very unlikely that these bugs ever get fixed. Make sure to always include the build number (latest one is 46777, for this game, though you might be having an older build, for some reason).