Official AOE3DE Leaderboard Page!

I just noticed that this page is finally fully functional. You can find any player (not only first 100 or 200), check the stats and it is all presented in a very nice way.
Great job devs! Really, really nice to have it :wink:

Here is the link:

Or a quick screenshot for the lazy ones:

If I may suggest a small improvements for the Leaderboard:

  1. Please allow opening directly a specific page (for example page 10) without having to go one by one
  2. Please add a regular expression to search bar (to be able to find a player by typing part of his/hers nick or full nick but no case sensitive)

It probably even has sensitivity of letters in caps.
You have to write your username EXACTLY as it is.

But pretty cool page :slight_smile:


Typing the name of a player including type case is really hard, even more since in game fonts are often all in caps (small and big caps).

It’s pretty annonying and really hard to use in that way. Could the case sensitive filter be removed ?


Hi guys!

Thanks for your reports! We are now tracking the issue with the case sensitive/part of their name, and the issue for finding a specific page


For everyone to see my embarrassing level …? Just leave it like that. XD

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Also, can the rank menus in-game have the same definition of Rank and ELO ? In French it’s “Classement” and “Classement”… Which doesn’t help.

Another thing : in the recent players met-tab, there could be a row with the ELO (picking the one according to the game mode we had (1v1, team, etc). That would be very nice !

Damn the more I think the more I wish I could have my own hands working on it lol. So many things to fix everywhere. However it makes me and my teammates laught every time we play.

  • the launching menu with map info displaying only half a sec before disappearing
  • the ranked lobby being all buggy,
  • the menu with […] And the animated […] right next to it
  • The post game data sticking on top of the screen after leaving the game
  • exit button being sometime bottom right, some time top left
  • overly censored chat and nicknames

    Let’s not talk about actual in game bugs and problems, balance issues and stuff…

I kind of miss the AOE TAD even with cheater and OOS.