Official Regicide support for Age of Empires 3

Regicide is a game mode available in Age of Empires II each player begins with a King The goal of this game mode is to kill all the enemy Kings. As soon as a player loses their King, that player is instantly defeated.

Regicide is great game mode, its my favorite one to watch for age of empires 2.
Sadly this mode is poorly supported in age of empires 3. the original only added a single map with regicide support with the Asian dynasties expansion. However honshu isnt a very good map.

My request is to add official regicide support for all the maps in AoE3DE.
Make Regicide a game mode like King of the Hill, that works on all maps.
If possible themed king on horses for each civilization so they dont all use the regent model.


I agree with this entirely. They should make little models of the AI personalities, like the Kangxi Emperor for China or Ivan the Terrible for Russia. Put them on a horse, there you go. The towns shouldn’t be fortified at first either, it should just be a town center with the monarch in front, waiting to be put inside. If you want to avoid a rush, put on treaty.

Though I think the monarchs should have abilities, since like Shogun Tokugawa is already in it. What if like, for the Kangxi Emperor, he allowed the Chinese to train Manchu cavalry archers, and all units in his zone of influence received an extra 10% to their armor. Suleyman for the Ottomans can buff all Janissary musketeers and Bostanci cavalry near him. That said, the monarchs should have high stats, since Tokugawa has like 3,000HP and a melee attack around 200 or whatever. But I think it would be fun if they added something like that, allowed it to be played in all modes, like treaty - regicide, deathmatch - regicide. Like you have to toggle it, like if you want to allow blockades.


I say everyone should start with an outpost/blockhouse/castle/war hut at least.

Yeah why not. Regicide doesn’t get enough love.

This would be cool af to see with the Native civs - Imagine Gall riding around on a horse, although you’d have to figure out something for him to do that your Warchief doesn’t already do. Hiawatha would probably be a powerful archer, considering the era he comes from.

I imagine your leaders would be like more powerful explorers (I’m including monks and chiefs here too) that die permanently instead of being downed, similar to Delgado from the campaign. Possibly as strong in attack as explorers but harder to kill.