Official small trees mod get disabled every hotfix

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  • GAME BUILD #: the byzantine fire ship nerf hotfix
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Player get the official small trees mod disabled after Hotfix(es).

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Have small tree mod (official) enabled
  2. Wait for next Hotfix/patch
  3. Be surprised by your first game that trees are enormous

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Kepp having enabled small tree mod

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They should revamp the Mod manager. I have a list of 200 mods but I can’t even prioritize the order with a better sort filter.

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This is intended. They disable any mod. There is no difference between ‘official’ or ‘unofficial’


yes, but the reason for it is to prevent bugs due to not being compatible. But imho this should not be the case for an official mod

but the reason for it is to prevent bugs due to not being compatible.

It is too complicated for them to try to introduce a filter / search algorithm to know which mods to exclude which mods to not.

its far easier just to disable all

And for your info, the Official small trees mod is no different than unofficial small tree mods. It’s not like devs knew some trick to make it more compatible or less compatible, every small tree mod is the same at its core, just a graphics change.

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Migth be true, does not change the problem.

Yes, fair enough.

Yes, I know, but they have the official tag (you can filter in mod manager for it), so I was assuming that they migth be able to do that as well when disableing.
I am fine with it that there migth not be a fix any time soon or ever, just wrote it here so it can get attention, and linked 2 reddit posts to show I am not alone :wink:

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The current protocol of disabling all mods is not what other programs/games do. A better solution would be this:

  1. Don’t reset mods for everyone.
  2. Let the crash handler and/or a launch option disable all mods for those that are having a problem.

The current system taxes everyone with extra click for the (perceived) benefit of the few that may be having trouble with mods. Even those few will first try enabling all their mods anyways and discover that they don’t work and have that crash once again. Even they are not getting any benefit out of how things are done right now.


For some reason, the game unsubscribed from every mod today except for the event ones. I am guessing it’s a rare bug.