Offline and reconnect per minutep

It is very strange, the offline and reconnect are too regular, I think it can not be the problem of network. All the other software is normal.
I can watch other player’s games and and watch videos. But I cant play the game

warnings.txt (130.7 KB)

I have had this problem for a couple of months now, and I am unable to play multiplayer. It is so frustrating. I get a disconnected / reconnected message every minute.

I have tried all the firewall workarounds, disabled VPN, updated network adapter drivers, ensured no ports are being blocked by my ISP.

Has anyone else successfully managed to fix a similar problem?

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I’m having the same issue on my Xbox. I’ve been playing the game fine until a couple of weeks ago but now it’s disconnecting/reconnecting pretty much once a minute.

Everything else is working fine. I play other games online. My connection is fine. The game is up to date. I can play against AI but any attempt to play multiplayer is ruined - if I join the queue it kicks me out and won’t let me play for a few minutes.

Any chance there’s a fix?