Offline LAN

It would be great if offline (no internet) LAN were supported. The original release of this game was, and still is, a staple in LAN parties and offline-multiplayer gaming.

Bringing this back would be a wonderful feature.

This is a MUST!

I agree! I don’t like how AoE2HD didn’t have it, having LAN parties was a bit of a pain with that. Hope we get it for AoE:DE

I agree too! :slight_smile:

i have listen that AoE2 dosent have Lan mode well it is on Steam and they dosent accept that.
This can be a Bonus for xbox live, the another question is, when they make a Online forced, than didnt work the lan modus

LAN would be so great to have. I’m sure the number of people who would actually use LAN is relatively small, but it really would be nice to have.

YES! I agree. I miss this.

I agree, even when now is more difficult to have friends in your home to play, this must be an option.

I totally agree, I can’t imagine how happy people will be in humble net cafe’s ! .

This is a feature i definitely want to see in the game.

So much yes, an AoE game remake without LAN capability is just worse than the original!

I suggest a “guest” mode where you can install the game that only allows multiplayer LAN of up to 2 guests per registered xbox account. Obviously matches here would not contribute to the xbox online multiplayer.

Yes! Agreed totally! Would be fantastic if this can be kept alive and not removed from the original.

Uhm… I tried to post a post and retried. But it doesn’t seem to appear!?

edit: Now inserting the Information here: You need an internet connection to host a game of Age2HD, but if every player is in the same local network, the game will detect and turn local.


There was a newspost on this topic in January. Can’t seem to link it here. Just google it for yourself.

Same Internet-needed-but-local-LAN-play should be available for Age1DE.

I can’t think of a way to say “Yes, I agree.” differently to anyone else.

I don’t think this feature will be cut in AoE:DE, since all titles of the series support this function,
in order words, There must be the LAN version!!

Trust me, if not, I will just Wololo you to trust me B)

You may want to check this interview with Adam Isgreen, Creative Director for (German) that MS indeed is considering LAN support. We’ll see if we can see it in October or in a later update. I’m optimistic.

right now it just says LAN, no multiplayer… Idk if they just changed the name, but it doesn’t find games, so it may be true LAN