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I need an advice from you. I am going to make LAN-party with my friends. We were always playing old AOE2 together, but this new remake is problematic. I cannot entre multiplayer section, which contains LAN game, withou connection to Steam. Is there some way how to create and join LAN game without internet?

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have you tried to use offline mode of steam to get the game started? I was wondering myself about this LAN-gaming since MS uses own servers for matchmaking. Recently i saw the option to use the local machine as game server, but how can someone open a lobby if there is no internet connection since every time i click on multiplayer, there is a message saying connecting to servers, the MS ones i guess… pls stay tuned and report back if you can solve this…

That’s exactly that problem i am solving. I cannot open multiplayer section, if i am not connected to steam and i run game in offline mode.

I even tried to download some cracked version, but here was same porblem and only singleplayer was working. (- I dont like pirate versions, but we use to have lan-parties in a friend’s cottage :smiley: And here isn’t any internet connection. So i am trying everything :smiley: )

I tried opening multiplayer while in steam offline mode also and got this weird message:

Even if I’m able to create a lobby choosing “local server”, i need to be online since the game will recognize lost of internet connection almost instantly. Although the message is more informative (using german version)…

Seems impossible to me at this moment to create old fashioned LAN games, so sad…

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I hope devs can fix this and allow to play on LAN without internet.


Hello, today someone talk me about LAN.
It’s impossible to play on LAN mod without internet ?

I think, it will be important to make LAN mode without multiplayer service ?
Or maybe let a choice:
Multiplayer > LAN (localhost) or Online.
Then people should be able to play multi:

  • without internet connexion. (LAN in a black forrest, etc)
  • without multiplayer service. (server update, etc)



It’s impossible to play on LAN

We would like to know if it is possible to play in LOCAL offline network '… Under the buy from steam version there is a LAN version but as soon as we are offline this part is greyed out …
We are connected by ethernet cable, between 2 computers in the same room. And we bought an age of empire 2 game on steam and we read that it is possible to play up to 3 players locally without buying the game twice and without being connected …
We tried via hamachi but it also doesn’t work …
Thanks if anyone can help us


Does anyone know of any update about this? That makes it possible to play LAN without internet connection? I am trying to do this now but it seems it’s not possible according to this thread and that’s really sad.