Ogner Ground Attack Friendly Fire Abuse


Some users attack their allies using ogners by doing a ground attack. They destroy the entire base of their ally.

Suggested fix:

Detect when a user has destroyed 10 ally buildings or killed 100 ally troops in a single game and disable their ground attack for the game. Also, flag that user and 3 occurrences results in a ban.


this is a bug and not report players forum

It is a bug. There’s supposed to be no friendly fire allowed.

Friendly fire is necessary for balance.

If you see one player abusing it on teammates, there is a report button for that.

No, ground attack isn’t necessary for a person that destroys 40 buildings of an ally or kills 100 ally units. And with the suggestion, ogner friendly fire can still occur when it’s from attacking an enemy unit and it happens to hit friendly units. However, the user’s “Attack ground” feature should be disabled.

I’ve tried finding a report button several times and can’t. Where is it exactly?

The exclamation mark next to player name in both the diplomacy button and the post game achievement.

And I heavily disagree with automated disabling of game features based on some statistics. I always prefer human based moderation over automated one.

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Thanks! Will check for that the next time.

The ability to attack teammates is already automatically disabled through the “Lock Teams” option. However, through the Ogner’s attack ground feature, it’s possible to attack teammates and that feature was never intended for that and also goes against the “Lock Teams” option. That’s a bug. It’s not simply “friendly fire” around an enemy unit. There are no enemies around and the guy wipes out his teammate’s entire base. His teammate can’t stop him, unless he also builds ogners to attack the other’s ogners.

Its not a bug, its an abuse of trollers and you shouldnt take it any serious.

The ability to attack a teammate and destroy their entire base and everything they have is a bug. The Lock Teams setting is supposed to prevent teammates from being able to attack each other, and it does except for this quirk with Ground Attack.

Dude ^^
Its the deeper sense of an onager to attack everything thats on the attack ground so if you dont pay attention you kill yourself or a teammate.

No, that’s not what I’m talking about. There’s an attack ground feature, specifically for attacking the ground, even when enemies aren’t around. It’s used for clearing trees or for attacking a specific spot.

Click on an ogner and you will see it as one of its action options.

You can’t just disable attack ground. Without that you can’t predict an enemy’s movement and force an accurate shot. This type of micro is also an important skill which pro players do a lot.

The reasonable solution to your case is to report the player and suggest a permanent ban on team games. I know it’s super annoying but I don’t see a smart way to distinguish the abuse and proper use of attack ground. And such scenario should be very rare.

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Of course you can disable attack ground of the guy abusing it. So what if he “can’t predict an enemy’s movement and force an accurate shot”? He can be kicked out of the game for all I care. At that point he’s destroyed 10 ally buildings or killed 100 ally troops and is just going to continue destroying the entire base, so he needs to be stopped programmatically.

I already suggested a smart way to do. The numbers can be upped if needed.

From my experience, 1 out of 20-30 games (unrated).