Oh boy Aussie_Drongo made a video about this forum and you guys

and you know what? He is right in how insane some of you are.


Funny to see how somebody makes his living by reading public forum :smiley:


I respect Drongo’s opinion but he is gonna defend the US civ no matter what and ofc the old argument about “Chinese fighting Aztecs in California” to justify the US in the game but what i’m saying is that the US civ are clearly designed as a 19th century civ in a game where most of the other civs play with 16th-18th century technology. The US fits in by the time you reach Age 4/5 and that’s why they fit better as a revolt.


You mean this forum is useless & most of its members are talking about nonsense that are not relating to AOE III DE ?


I wonder why this forum is still alive.

The real OGs of the game use reddit. It is where the real discussions take place.


Haha~ you are right .


Bull. The AOE3 reddit is full of normies and casuals and Twitch-era people.


The reddit page will literally praise anything, they could add the USSR to the game and they would love it


I like to see it from another point of view after thinking about it a bit. Now that AoE4 is going to be set in a medieval era and they will not continue later, I like to think that AoE3 can now go forward without restrictions, it is a crazy idea but I would like to see some World War I theme in the game one day officially, I say, we already have machine guns, hot air balloons, steam engines, not to mention that the last campaigns of the game are set in 1860-1890, they are only two more decades for the great war. Hahaha


No thanks, thats for other age of empires. WoL is not for everyone, I dont like because It has too much civs and some of them looks no finished.
If devs add more modern civs/techs to the game some civs lost sense to be in the game.
If you want a game like that ask devs for a new Rise of Nations.


Yeah I saw it and immediately come here to read the reaction

Loved every single moment of it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


most of the interesting reddit users are also frequent on the forum, like nick, radiant and EM.

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Thanks for posting this video @constantine8775. I had a lot of fun putting this together, even if it is a bit more edited than usual.

@OverMarigold465 All good mate. Definitely understandable that people would hold different opinions on stuff like this, it’s undoubtedly a touchy subject, I’m just very thankful that a game that’s 15+ years old is still being revamped with new content. US definitely wouldn’t have been the first civ I would have asked for, but I’m thankful for it none-the-less and think it makes a great addition to the definitive edition.

@KingStarscream9 I actually post a bit on reddit, and never really thought of the official forums as a rival to reddit, but you definitely seem to be of that opinion. Put your money where your mouth is, me and you, 1vs1 showmatch, best of 9. If you win, I’ll front up $500 of my own cash and it’s all yours. If I win, I’ll donate $500 to a charity of your choice (alternatively, my preference is to donate to MSF).


Just wanted to say that I love your content even though I’m mostly an AOE2 player. I’ve taken the liberty to link to your US civ overview for my Steam review about the US civ DLC because I liked it a lot and considered it to be a great summary.

I see you somewhat as an AOE3 “Spirit of the Law” if you know what I mean.

Keep doing what you do and crossing my fingers for even more AOE3 DLCs in the future after the African one.


Can’t wait ,my full support to you ,let’s go !! gib him GUA115!!


Glad to see Aussie drongo is active in official forum !

Our AOE III DE will become greater in future :fist:t2:


Finally something interesting and useful in this forum (apart from the bug reports and UI suggestions)

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You’re really the only one at the top that I really like 212121
I don’t know where you were all this time before DE came out, but I’m so glad you are now!

I agree with the sentiments here about Aussie_Drongo being a fanboy. I’ve never heard him say anything negative about anything the developers do. Ever. Except “Maybe X needs a little Y” would be the strongest thing he would ever say against anything the devs do. He’s a great commentator and I love listening to him comment on ESOC though. I just wish he wouldn’t promote OP strats, because then I have to face them online for awhile. I like a balanced game, and if everyone is performing the latest OP strat then its not going to be balanced, now is it?

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Aw no I wasn’t featured :frowning: