Okay, Who's the Star Wars Nerd on the developer team?

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Very Clever


I’m sure quite a few people enjoyed Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds back in the day :slight_smile:
[1] Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Gameplay (No Commentary) - YouTube


How one can wish for a remastered edition of this masterpiece with new factions like The First Order and Sith Eternal.

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EA having the Star Wars game license is probably going to make this impossible. The few times I played it, I had a lot of fun :smiley:

EA no longer has the sole exclusive license for Star Wars anymore. If anything, Disney’s refusal of a GB remaster is what stands in the way.

It is a pretty fun game, although the Clone faction could be reworked as per a certain mod.

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Haha, i love such small easter eggs :smiley:
Always make me smile :3