Old bug with custom lobbies not showing in list

this bug been since launch but doesnt seems like anyone noticed, custom lobbies tend to disappear from list and to temperary fix it i have to make lobby private and public again, or change name

Hey @AzzeddineXT! Can you go into a bit more detail? I assume you know a lobby should be showing as you are probably playing with someone; is that correct? Refresh doesn’t make the lobby visible, only going private/public or changing the name?

im not sure if i can confirm the bug exists
but basicly sometimes we wait for a very long time and nobody joins, but as soon i change it to private and public again people start joining , it happened many times
once my friend told me he couldnt find me in list, usually i just invite him but that was one time he couldnt find me
it might be a bug, might be bad luck, i honestly dont know, i just thought of reporting it

All good—I’ll keep my ear to the ground on this one.

This thread will remain open in case anyone else experiences this.

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