Old Main Menu is back

Since RoR release all the old main menu mods are broken, because devs deprecated the class the original main menu used. I just migrated mine to be functional again.

This is a purist AoE2 main menu, without the side bar RoR switch (because RoR doesn’t have a lot of buttons corresponding to AoE2, like Ranked MP or Art of War). So if you like the classic UI and have no interest in AoE1, check it out!

Mod name: Classic Main Menu - Ranked in 1 Click

Btw I also fixed my Classic Civ Picker mod:


So there’s no way to launch RoR with this?

Oof, I love the old menu, but I kinda want to access that too


Unfortunately so, as far as I know.

The way they wrote the code makes each button used by both games, so for example if I put Art of War on main menu, it doesn’t have a correspondence in RoR, and would cause a crash.

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I’ll be honest, the civ picker seems super unhelpful. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to be reminded of the details for the civ I’m picking, like with the current system.


That’s true. I simply don’t like the aesthetics of the “modern” UI. And I remember every civ’s boni. So it’s really personal preference.


I like the current civ picker because it reminds me of the Smash Bros character select screen :sweat_smile:

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Fair enough

I’ll probably install it once I complete all the campaigns and get all the achievements in RoR


Should be able to add an arrow on the side of the II DE logo, like in a photo gallery, to switch to RoR.

Sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean. Do you have a screenshot?

See below…

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Switching tabs is already supported. But I turned it off, because RoR screen does not have the corresponding buttons to AoE2 screen. I don’t want you to be able to switch there but find half the buttons either not doing anything or cause crash.

It would be nice if they put the history section…


Very nice to see this come back!

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I’ve been dealing with the new main menu since RoR came out.
I was able to implement the whole classic main menu, except the buttons didn’t work. They could be pressed, but didn’t do anything.

Did you modify something outside the simplemainmenu.xaml file?

Yes. The buttons don’t work because the Age2MainMenu is deprecated I think (which is also the reason of crash). And the Age2SimpleMainMenu don’t have the old buttons, but only dialogs. So what I did was to extract those buttons from submenus and link them into the main menu xaml.

Is there a reason this mod was removed from the mods section? Because it is no longer there.

Probably because it causes crashes for people who own RoR and switch to AoE1.

24, It says my mod is flagged due to being incompatible with current version…

I said it’s incompatible with RoR already :joy: Whoever reads this please stop trolling

Are you going to fix/reupload the mod? Cause I really like this mod and it would be a shame if it stays down.

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I can send you a zip file to use as a local mod, via PM after I get home. Meanwhile I will contact the admin (if possible).