Old maps

Can old maps from aoe iii be installed?

The maps I tested worked

Yes but the lighting and terrain may be awful. All maps should load though.

I imported all of my maps and they open locally and in the scenario editor perfectly fine, besides a few deprecated sounds. Only issue I encountered was playing them online, which seems to be totally broken regardless of if the scenario map is new or old.

So, they work in offline skirmish?

What about the graphics? Do the maps use the new engine?

Hmm the map should just be a script. The game takes its assests from the path folder. If the folder has updated texture, then the map is updated too. This is a guess, aoe3 maps might be different.

Maps aren’t scenarios. Scenarios aren’t maps. Which are you actually talking about?

All aoe3 maps should work, but might be ugly due to terrain and lighting changes.

I think the other author is conflating maps and scenarios.

Scenarios. More specifically, files that are created via the scenario editor and have the .age3*scn filename.

Yes. A lot of assets change depending if they appear in AOE3DE. For example, the old Amelia model from Act 2 of the WarChiefs campaign no longer exists in AOE3DE, so it is replaced with a normal Amelia model if you were to import that cutscene’s scenario file into AOE3DE. This is the only example of this I’ve seen however, so I assume 99% of other assets should translate perfectly fine into AOE3DE and not harm the scenarios in any way.

There are issues with scenarios right now from what I can gather. But make sure you’re posting about scenarios and not maps.

Wish I could help but I’m not really into scenarios.

Might try to install some old maps. What was the map folder again?

You should try some new maps too! Vivid's map pack (now for DE)

Install here: C:\Users\yourusername\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\biglooooongnumber\RandMaps